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Ms. Kargle

Preschool For All

Language and Literacy

It’s vital that we support young children’s reading in ways that nurture healthy reading identities, that foster an attraction to books and a love of reading, and that teach them how to make meaning in any text they choose, whether or not they can read the words.
-Kathy Collins and Matt Glover, I Am Reading, published by Heinemann

Communication:    What does communication look like in preschool?

Receptive Communication

  • Understands size comparatives such as big and bigger
  • Follows one-and two-step directions
  • Understands "pretend" situations
  • Shows understanding of a story being read
  • Understands the sequence of events when told

Expressive Communication

  • Initiates conversations with an adult
  • Speech is understandable to strangers, but there are still some sound errors
  • Tells the content of a story but may confuse the facts
  • Tells about past experiences, shares information
  • Likes big words and new words ("actually")

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Early Writing Skills:  What does writing look like in preschool?

  • Makes scribbles or marks
  • Makes 'letter-like' forms
  • Draws or writes to convey a message
  • Uses different tools to write (chalk, markers, paint)
  • Notices written text in books and the environment

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Stages of preschool writing


Click here to find easy ways to promote writing skills with your child

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Early Reading Skills:  What does reading look like in preschool?

  • Shows text is meaningful and can be read
  • Shows interest in print
  • Participates in songs and rhymes
  • Child "pretends" to read a familiar story
  • Says the repeating phrase in a story
  • Matches and/or names alphabet letters and sounds

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